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Autism and Visual Impairment with Linda Hagood

February 25, 2020

Hello and Welcome to Perkins eLearning to go – this is Valerie.  What will we listen to today?  Well, I had the opportunity to talk with a very special person.  She has spent over 30 years as a speech pathologist and has spanned states to focus on teaching children, with multiple disabilities-  including deafblindness, visual impairment and autism how to communicate.    We at Perkins eLearning are honored to have her instruct one of our courses “Autism and Visual Impairment, The Better together curriculum”.  And to top all this off, she is an amazing person and wonderful to speak with.  Of course I am talking about Linda Hagood.  I was joined by my colleague, Robin Sitten, for this interview and had a wonderful conversation with Linda. 

 Please visit the micro-site for Linda's work here


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